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Halogard Schipperkes

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My first Schipperke, Pawfect Answers Tiny Tim, was my first small dog. He joined the family to be a companion and obedience demonstration dog.  Timmy's antics and personality quickly stole my heart and I fell in love with the breed.


My second Schipperke, Alphie, came along 2 years later to be a companion for Timmy and me and to become part of an obedience brace. Alphie became my first conformation show dog and my first Champion.  He also became my niece's Junior Showmanship dog. 

I've had Schipperkes since 1994 and can't imagine life without them.  They have given me the opportunity to meet many new friends in the obedience, conformation, and training worlds, and among other Schipperke owners.  Mostly they've given companionship and comic relief!


I am located in southwestern Indiana. 
My interests in Schipperkes leans
more toward training and showing rather
than breeding.   My dogs spend most of
their time as spoiled housedogs providing
companionship.  They can be quite

Alphie at Indiana State Fair 4H Show
Junior Showmanship and Agility

Rescue is another important aspect of my involvement in Schipperkes.  I've fostered several and encourage those who are interested in a Schipperke as a companion to consider adopting a rescue.  There are some wonderful dogs out there in foster homes waiting for the right person to adopt them.

Enjoy your visit with my Schipperkes!

Pictures are the property of Halogard Schipperkes.  Please ask permission to use a photo.

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Princeton, Indiana

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